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Academic Advising (Freshmen and Sophomores)
The high school years provide a solid foundation that are needed for higher education; the choices made during high school will affect the rest of a student's life. Whether guidance is needed with course selection, internships, summer opportunities, or semester school options, Midcoast College Counseling can help steer the process. During the early high school years, there is also a large emphasis placed on developing time management, study and organization skills.
Midcoast College Counseling, LLC 
Midcoast College Counseling is located in Bath, Maine. We work with students and their families throughout the state of Maine to offer a detailed and comprehensive look at each student's education. From choosing the best courses in high school, to creating a desired list of colleges, Midcoast College Counseling will work to simplify the college process and to help students find their best college match. 

College Counseling (Juniors and Seniors)
Midcoast College Counseling can assist with every step of the college process: creating a college list, preparing applications, conducting mock interviews, completing financial aid forms, and helping students make their final decision. Our goals are to reduce family and student stress and to build confidence within the student so that he/she can ultimately choose which college is their best fit.​

Gap Year and Study Abroad
​Taking a year off before college is known as Gap Year.  It is a common practice in Europe and is becoming more widely practiced in the United States.  If you are interested in learning more about Gap Year or Study Abroad options during your college career, contact Midcoast College Counseling today for program suggestions and guidelines to follow.
"Rebecca's knowledge of the steps and conventions as well as current protocol for the college application process was invaluable to us."
-parent, 2012 graduate
"Rebecca's willingness to be aware of the individual needs and interests of my child was key in building a list of schools that would be good matches both educationally and financially. 
I would highly recommend Midcoast College Counseling to anyone embarking on the college preparation/ application/selection journey.”
-parent, recent graduate
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